• Practicum Module Visual Signals Semester III

Practical Module fpr Visual Signals in compiled based on the author's study to meet the requirements for Visual Signals Courses, in the Maritime Laboratory there should be a Practical Guide for the course. Therefore, the authors conducted the study through interviews, discussions eith the Captain/Officer, Lecturers of Nautical groups, Student Officers, cadets, and from the teaching experience at the Politeknik Ilmu pelayaran Semarang.

The materials in this Practical Module include: (1) general Explanations and Descriptions, (2) Definitions and Method of Signaling; (3) General Instructions; (4) Alphabetical flags, numeral pennants, and substitutes; (5) Flag Signaling; (6) Morse Code Alphabets and Numbers; (7) Flasing Light Signaling; (8) Phonetic Spelling of Letters and Numbers; (9) Radiotelephony Signaling; (10) SIngle Letter Code and Complement.

This Module was provided in two version, Indonesian and English.

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Practicum Module Visual Signals Semester III

Penulis Eko Murdiyanto | Janny Adriani Djari
Kategori Modul Nautika
Penerbit PIP Semarang
Dimensi 21x29 cm
Ketebalan 77 Halaman
Harga Rp.53.500
Stok Buku
Berat 150 Gram
Jumlah Halaman vii + 70
  • Rp.53.500

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