• Practicum Module Port Service and Facilities

Port service and facility is part of business in field of voyage industry whose one of main tasks is to support the needs of ships. Becoming a profesional company with efficient operational costs is very important to support the survival of the company, in addition to close relationships with all parties, including customers, government bureaucracy, which is involved in ship handling, so all of the ship's activities and supporting facilities when staying at port that are the responsibilities of agent can be carried out well.

It is required professional resources who understand the ins and outs of the process and the possibility of obstacles that occur on the ship when it arrives in the waters. Port service and facilities are very important because they are part of the shipping facilities.

The introduction of teaching materials related to port service and facilities is very good if applied to students, especially cadets who later will not exclude the possibilities of entering this business both during field work practices and for their future careers.   

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Practicum Module Port Service and Facilities

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