• Practicum Module Applied Mechanics

The Applied Mechanics Practicum is one of the practicums that Engineering Studi Program level 1 cadets must complete. This practicum aims to improve skills and apply mechanics knowledge to the maritime world, specifically the shipping world, in the field of ship engines. Another expected capability is the implementation of a safety culture in all practical activites in the laboratory or simulator.

This module is organized in accordance with the sequence of competencies that must be attained in accordance with the syllabus guidelines for the relevant courses, making it easier to study and apply theoretical concepts to practicum. This module description includes competencies, work safety, and module content.

The limitations of the module content mean that this module still has a lot of flaws, so the authors are hoping for criticism and suggestions in the future to help them make this module better. Hopefully, cadets studying mechanics can benefit from this module.

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Practicum Module Applied Mechanics

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