• Ready to Join Shipboard Training and Internship

Ready to Join Shipboard Training and Internship is a practical book concentrating on” Shipboard Training and Internship”. It aims to practice and develop the four language skills, but to focus primarily on speaking, to give a general picture-with examples showing conversation and some speech or even sharing experiences from seniors about their Shipboard Training for both Marine Navigation and Engineering, and also an internship for Port and Shipping students. The Preparations, Interview, Tips for the shipboard interview, sign-on, Internship Interview, Preparation for the Internship, and spoken report of Shipboard Training and Internship Report include a description of the assignment, as well as the important aspects of the work of significant knowledge, skills, or personal development, and a description of Problems or challenges and how to handicap.

Students may want to read Ready to join shipboard training and Internship from pages to pages before starting a shipboard training and internship and also during the Shipboard Training and Internship. In this second edition as revised edition we have one more chapter about Offshore Conversations.

Finally, students are referred to throughout the book as “he”,” she”, and “they” in about equal proportion in speaking fluently, accurately, appropriately, and confidently in a wide range of situations in maritime field in order to be professional seafarers. Good Luck!!

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Ready to Join Shipboard Training and Internship

Penulis Irma Shinta Dewi | Rusdarti | Tri Joko Raharjo | Titi Prihatin
Penerbit PIP Semarang
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Dimensi 18x25 cm
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